2020 was a challenging year for all.

We're looking forward to a FANTASTIC 2021.
Onwards and upwards!

Conquesta Academic Olympiads are multiple choice question papers which
challenge grades 1 - 9 learner knowledge in the various subjects in the curriculum
(like a written quiz), and enables Educators to measure learners' abilities
against the national and international averages
(computed from participating schools).

Check out our sample papers in both English and Afrikaans from grade 1 to grade 9.


2021 cost, subjects, writing dates, etc.

South Africa 



2021 kostes, vakke,
skryfdatums, ens.



Closing date /
7 April 2021

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We Are Proud!

We are proud to be associated with ASTEMI, formed by SAASTA, a division of the NRF, bringing Olympiads and competitions to learners in far reaching areas of our country.

We are also proud to be partnered with Project Rhino KZN to save our rhino's. Project Rhino KZN and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation began the Rhino art - Let the Children be Heard campaign, which creates an awareness in children about the crucial situation our Rhino's face, bordering extinction due to poaching. We encourage you to get as many young people involved and made aware as you can.


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