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Thursday 25 August 2016
Closing Date For Olympiad Entries is

31 May 2016
Should you not be able to get your entries to us by this date, please contact us so that we know to expect your entries within the next two weeks or so

About Conquesta Olympiads

Conquesta was established in South Africa in 1998 (grades 4-7) and in 2005 we introduced grades 1-3.  The olympiads are written in South Africa and Namibia / Botswana / Swaziland. We have grown considerably to include approximately 50% of all the independent Schools in South Africa (ISASA), and hundreds of Government Schools across South Africa and her neighbouring countries.  

We established Conquesta Olympiads Pty Ltd in Australia, servicing Australian and New Zealand schools from 2008.  We provide all our olympiad papers as past papers, the year after they're written, so have a huge data bank of past papers for use in the classroom and at home, for revision purposes.  New papers are written each year to keep them current and are available worldwide from our past paper website.

We believe that the growth we've seen over the years is due to the high standards we maintain. We have kept our pricing structures as low as possible so that students from all income groups can participate. Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to encourage and inspire primary school children to become aware of their self worth and potential, building up their self esteem and confidence and acknowledging their efforts, regardless of results.  To illuminate to parents and teachers alike each child's strengths and weaknesses, so they can be nurtured accordingly, and to provide a benchmarking tool where each school can measure their achievements against the national averages of participating schools. 

Our vision is to enable a sense of achievement within the hearts of all students, including those who are not academically inclined, encouraging them to aspire to their full potential.

General Information

Download the up to date information from this link

Conquesta Olympiads are multiple choice question papers which challenge student knowledge in the various subjects on offer (like a written quiz), and enables teachers to measure students’ abilities against the national and international averages (computed from participating schools).

  • All students, regardless of their academic capabilities, should be given the opportunity to participate. The layout of our papers are set so as to encourage rather than disenchant, and are aimed at student participation and enjoyment. 
  • Year 4,5,6+7 / Grade 4,5,6+7 students are to writing individually, not in pairs or in groups.  Year 1,2+3 / Grade 1,2+3 students can write in pairs or groups and teachers can read the text out aloud to them.  However, they are to choose their own answers and circle them on the papers.
  • The Olympiads do not interfere with the school’s curriculum nor the examinations.
  • Students can participate in all or any number of the Olympiads.
  • Please note that we supply everything by registered or parcel post for tracking purposes, and there is minimal work or expense from the school’s side. We provide a typed letter to parents for you to copy and send home with the students, so they can select subjects and collect finances. Just follow the simple Procedures which will be provided.  Class lists may be submitted in the place of entry forms for students writing the same subjects.



  • We guarantee that we are a professionally run business, dealing solely in Primary School Olympiads. Our committee members are all professionals in their respective fields, ie., in computerisation, administration, and education.
  • We guarantee that certificates will reach every participating school by end October each year, so that they can be included to add excitement to the year-end prize giving event as an extra achievement for students.
  • In our quest for excellence, Conquesta guarantees a full refund of entry fees, should our commitments not be met.


Computerised Processing

  • Conquesta provides a world class service.
  • Our custom designed software takes care of efficient and accurate administration of the entire process, from the time of receiving the entries to the printing and posting of the certificates. 



  • EVERY participant will receive an A4 colour certificate, no matter what their results. The school also receives a certificate reflecting the average achievement, calculated from the top 10 results in each subject and year / grade. Accompanying the certificates is a list of students by year / grade, reflecting each one’s percentage results for the school’s record.
  • Results are recorded on certificates in categories according to the following achievements:-

Platinum : 85% - 100%

Diamond : 76% - 84%

Gold : 70% - 75%

Silver : 60% - 69%

Bronze : 50% - 59%

Copper : 0% - 49%

  • Only students achieving 50% and above in any subject will have the actual percentage(s) printed on their certificates, eg.,

Natural Sciences : Diamond (79%)

or, if less than 50%,

Natural Sciences : Copper

  • Certificates may be handed out at the school’s year end prize giving ceremony.


Benchmarking—National/International Averages

  • The Results List, which participating schools receive together with their certificates at the end of each year, reflects the school’s averages by grade and subject.
  • The national/international averages for the preceding year are sent out with our invitation letter in January each year.  These are also posted on our website, annually.


Top 20 Schools

  • Top 20 results are only calculated from the 10 highest percentages achieved in each subject and grade, to ensure that weaker students do NOT pull your school’s results down.
  • Each of the Top 20 schools will receive a Certificate of Excellence reflecting their achievement.
  • Schools have the option to be excluded from the Top 20 - simply contact us and we will remove your school from the calculator.


Past Papers

  • These are a wonderful aid to busy teachers and can be used as extension papers in the classroom and are sold at any time during the course of the year.
  • They are also a great coaching tool prior to students writing the annual olympiads.
  • The package includes laser printed question papers, blank answer sheets and answer memorandums for grades 4-7, and laser printed question papers and answer memorandums for grades 1-3 (who circle the answers on the question paper).
  • Should you wish to order any past papers, go to oupast paper website and order directly online. Papers may be ordered from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, you may download the appropriate form for your country from this website.  The order forms contain all the information you will need.