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Wednesday 28 October 2020
Closing Date For Olympiad Entries is

30 Nov 2020
Should you not be able to get your entries to us by this date, please contact us so that we know to expect your entries within the next two weeks or so

About Conquesta Olympiads


We run annual academic school Olympiads for both public and private schools, throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland, covering the entire curriculum, written in English and Afrikaans.  Every participant is rewarded with a certificate at the year-end prize giving ceremonies at the schools.

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Conquesta was established in South Africa in 1998 (grades 4-7) and in 2005 we introduced grades 1-3.  We are proud to be introducing Olympiads for grades 8+9 in 2019.  The olympiads are written in South Africa and Namibia / Botswana / Swaziland. We have grown considerably to include approximately 50% of all the independent Schools in South Africa, and hundreds of Government Schools across South Africa and her neighbouring countries.  

In 2008 we established Conquesta Olympiads Pty Ltd in Australia, servicing Australian and New Zealand schools.  

We provide all our olympiad papers as past papers, the year after they're written, so have a huge data bank of past papers for use in the classroom and at home, for revision purposes.  New papers are written each year to keep them current and are available worldwide from our past paper website.

We believe that the growth we've seen over the years is due to the high standards we maintain. We have kept our pricing structures as low as possible so that students from all income groups can participate. 

Purpose and Vision

Our purpose is to encourage and inspire primary school children to become aware of their self worth and potential, building up their self esteem and confidence and acknowledging their efforts, regardless of results.  To illuminate to parents and teachers alike each child's strengths and weaknesses, so they can be nurtured accordingly, and to provide a benchmarking tool where each school can measure their achievements against the national averages of participating schools.  MLA and SLA Reports for grades 4 - 7 break down your school's Maths and Science results by learning area by grade.  This enables you to identify your school's strengths and weaknesses by learning area so that positive focus can be given to the weak areas.

Our vision is to enable a sense of achievement within the hearts of all students, including those who are not academically inclined, encouraging them to aspire to their full potential.

General Information  

Conquesta Olympiads has been providing world class multiple choice school olympiads to schools in

  2. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND since 2008.  
  • The Olympiads follow the CAPS Curriculum and are available for grades 1,2+3 students (Foundation Phase) and grades 4,5,6+7 students - and are written at the schools annually during August (4-term schools) and September (3-term schools).  Home schools welcome.
  • Olympiad papers are personalised for each student and everything, including full, detailed step-by-step instructions for teachers, is supplied by Conquesta.  We do all the work for you.  No training for teachers required.
  • Conquesta marks the papers and provides every student with an A4 colour certificate, regardless of results, in time for the year end prize giving.
  • We use a COURIER service to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of Olympiad exam papers and certificates to the schools.

    In our commitment to excellence, we provide various benchmarking tools to increase the schools’ proficiency. 

    We sell our vast 20-year collection of past papers online to parents and teachers for revision purposes at home and in the classroom.  

    • We are proud to be associated with ASTEMI, formed by SAASTA, a division of the NRF, bringing Olympiads and competitions to learners in far reaching areas of our country.
    • Click on 'Annual Olympiads' above left to download all Olympiad entry forms and documentation in both English and Afrikaans.
    • Olympiad papers, past papers and certificates are sent to your physical address via courier to guarantee safe delivery to your door.
    Our MLA and SLA Reports for grades 4 - 9 break down your school's Maths results and Science results by learning area by grade.  This enables you to identify your school's strengths and weaknesses by learning area so that positive focus can be given to the weak areas. 

    • We are proud to be partnered with Project Rhino KZN to save our rhino's.  Project Rhino KZN and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation began the Rhino art - Let the Children be Heard campaign, which creates an awareness in children about the crucial situation our Rhino's face, bordering extinction due to poaching.  We encourage you to get as many young people involved and made aware as you can.  Get brochure here.  Donate here.  Thank you.