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Conquesta was established in 1998 and is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year.

We provide annual academic Olympiads for students in grades 1-9 to schools across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland.
Our carefully selected Educators, who currently teach the subjects and grades of the papers they set, create our papers.

For your convenience, we provide everything schools need to invigilate the Olympiads, including personalized papers for each student.
No Educator training is required. Additionally, every participant receives a certificate, regardless of their results.

Our past papers are a fantastic resource for busy teachers and parents to aid revision in the classroom or at home.

Our services are available in Afrikaans as well.
For a list of available subjects in Afrikaans, click HERE for South Africa or HERE for other countries.

We take pride in our association with both ASTEMI and Project Rhino KZN.



We are proud to be associated with ASTEMI, formed by SAASTA, a division of the NRF,
bringing Olympiads and competitions to learners in far reaching areas of our country. 


Project Rhino KZN

We are also proud to be partnered with Project Rhino KZN to save our rhino's. Project Rhino KZN and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation began the Rhino art - Let the Children be Heard campaign, which creates an awareness in children about the crucial situation our Rhino's face, bordering extinction due to poaching. We encourage you to get as many young people involved and made aware as you can.


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